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      English Teaching Vacancies in Xi’an China

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      English Teaching Vacancies in Xi’an China

      Are you a native English speaker with interests in teaching abroad? If so, there are English teaching vacancies available at Xi'an Polytechnic University in Xi’an, China.

      Taught Modules:Spoken English; English Writing, English Literature; or Anglo-American Culture, etc.

      Workload:16 teaching hours per week. 45-50 minutes per teaching hour for university students aged 18-22; about 40 students per class.

      Contract Duration:One academic year (from September each year till July the next year).

      Free Accommodation:single apartment, including computer, TV, landline telephone, washing machine, microwave, cooker, air conditioner, shower room and toilet.

      Salary:7000-10000RMB per month.

      2200 RMB travel subsidy per year.

      Flight:Free round-trip air ticket from home country to China (international tickets).

      Method of application:Please apply with CV by e-mail to


      Contact us:

      Frank Yang

      International Office

      Xi'an Polytechnic University

      Add: No.19 Jinhua South Road Xi'an City, P.R. China, P.C: 710048

      Tel: 0086+29+62779091

      Fax: 0086+29+62779091

      電話:029-62779091 傳真:029-62779091 郵箱:interoffi@xpu.edu.cn 地址:中國·西安·金花南路19號[710048]

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